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New Medicare Cards Are On The Way

Changes are coming to your Medicare card. The process will start in April, 2018 and end By April 2019. All 54 million Medicare enrollees will have a new card.

It will be replaced with one that no longer shows your Social Security number.

Instead, your card will have a new Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) that will be used for billing and for checking your eligibility and claim status.

And it will all happen automatically – you won’t have to pay anyone or give anyone information, no matter what someone might tell you.

Having your Social Security number removed from your Medicare card helps fight medical identity theft and protect your medical and financial information.

Watch for Scammers:

Here are some ways to avoid Medicare scams:

· Is someone calling, claiming to be from Medicare, and asking for your Social Security number or bank information? If so, Hang up or ask for the caller’s name and number.

(They will usually hang up if it is a scammer).

First, Medicare won’t call you. Second, Medicare will never ask for your Social Security number or bank information.

· Is someone asking you to pay for your new card? That’s a scam. Your new Medicare card is free.

· Is someone threatening to cancel your benefits if you don’t give up information or money? Also a scam. New Medicare cards will be mailed out to you automatically.

There won’t be any changes to your benefits. For more information on the new changes to your Medicare card, visit the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website at

Resource: Federal Trade Commission -

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