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Appetite and Sugar

July 23, 2014

60 Plus: Appetite and Sugar For decades, health-conscious Americans have worried about eating fat and oil. But research is now showing that sugar is often a worse enemy than most fats. As with many health issues, seniors face their own unique challenges with regard to this issue. A growing body of scientific evidence associates increased sugar consumption with risks of obesity, heart disease,...   Read more »

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New Era for Support Groups

July 2, 2014

60 Plus: New Era for Support Groups We often suggest support groups as a helpful resource for elders with chronic health challenges, and for their caregivers. Yet at the same time, we recognize that many people find it difficult to attend meetings for various reasons: demanding schedules, limited transportation options, or health issues that make it difficult or embarrassing to go out. So,...   Read more »

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June 6, 2014

60 plus Allergies … or not? With hay fever season in full swing, we want to share some allergy information specific to seniors. It’s important to remember that many health issues and treatments affect older people differently than younger folks. Nasal symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, and stuffiness are also known as rhinitis. Many of us deal with it by purchasing an...   Read more »

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Keep Your Balance

May 7, 2014

60 Plus: Keep Your Balance We’re recognizing Older Americans Month in May with activities and resources to help seniors with their balance. It’s an important topic, because falls are the leading cause of injury and death in Vermont elders. According to the Vermont Department of Health, a third of Vermonters age 65 and up reported falling at least once in a year. We want to help you...   Read more »

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Pets and Aging

April 10, 2014

60 Plus: Pets and Aging Many seniors who love animals stop keeping pets as they get older. In some cases their living arrangements to don’t allow a pet, and in other cases they recognize that the extra cost and effort are too much. But the benefits of interaction with pets warrant a second look at connecting elders with animals. For people with Alzheimer’s Disease, studies have...   Read more »

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Two Nutrition Myths Debunked

March 26, 2014

60-Plus: Two Nutrition Myths Debunked Cholesterol and fat have often been portrayed as villains of the dietary world. It has been commonly assumed that eating more cholesterol raises the “bad” cholesterol in your body, and that fat in your diet leads to fat in your body. We used to think “you are what you eat,” but as it turns out, it’s not that simple. New...   Read more »

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Loneliness Affects Health Negatively

March 26, 2014

60 Plus: Loneliness Affects Health Negatively A team at the University of California has discovered that loneliness increases the risk of declining health and death in elders. “We are interested in identifying the different factors that cause adults to become functionally impaired and ultimately at risk for nursing home admission,” said first author of the study, Carla...   Read more »

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A Holiday Thank You

March 3, 2014

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State House Article

January 22, 2014

60-Plus: Your Voice at the State House January 8 was a bustling day at the State House in Montpelier, because Gov. Shumlin was delivering his State of the State speech. It was also our annual opportunity to share information about our work and the needs of those we serve. We set up a banner and a table with information (plus chocolate and other treats, which attract legislators just as well as...   Read more »

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SVCOA Annual Meeting Dec. 18th-keynote speaker Dr. Susan Wehry, Commissioner of the Dept. of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living

December 16, 2013

Southwestern Vermont Council on Aging Annual Meeting December 18, 2013 Aging in Vermont What is the State of Aging in Vermont? Are we aging well? What can we do - for ourselves and our community - to make Vermont the best state in the nation in which to grow old? These questions will be discussed at the Southwestern Vermont Council on Aging (SVCOA) annual meeting December 18, 2013. Dr....   Read more »

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