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Contact the Council's Volunteer Coordinator at 786-5990 for more information.

Many studies have shown that people who spend time volunteering are not only helping others but leading longer and healthier lives.

If you would like to volunteer in some capacity for us, the following programs offer possibilities (click on a program below to learn more):

Printable Forms

Printable Forms

Click on a form below to download.

    • SVCOA offers free, confidential health insurance counseling to current or potential Medicare beneficiaries through the State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP).  SHIP volunteers are available to help seniors and their families settle complicated insurance issues.  Please consider volunteering in our SHIP department in our Rutland or Bennington location.

    • Meals on Wheels are delivered by community volunteers five days a week to seniors who are unable to prepare their own nutritious meals.  The brief visit by a volunteer with their bright smile and friendly greeting is just as important as the healthy meal being delivered.  Please consider volunteering with Meals on Wheels in our Rutland or Bennington location.

    • Money Management program volunteers help low income clients who have lost the ability to manage their financial affairs.  Assistance includes establishing a budget, opening, organizing, and sending out mail, check writing and balancing the checkbook.  Please consider volunteering with Money Mangement in our Rutland or Bennington location.

    • Case Managers empower their seniors to help maintain their independence.  They do this by providing them, their family members, and their caregivers with information and assistance regarding all the programs and service options available.   This helps everyone involved with a senior make informed decisions.   Please consider volunteering in Case Management in our Rutland or Bennington location.

    • Each of us has a special skill.  As a volunteer, you are on the front line, interacting directly with seniors, changing lives and giving hope.  Helping with office and clerical tasks such as filing and making copies is one way of making a difference.  Please consider volunteering with Office and Clerical support in our Rutland or Bennington location.